Yadgar Club, formerly known as
Victoria Memorial Hall, is
probably the only building of
historical significance in the midst
of the Muzaffargarh city. As per
the account given in the 1929
District Gazetteer, “The Victoria
Memorial Hall was built in 1909
by public subscription, and was
constructed under the personal
supervision of Lala Kedar Nath, the then District Judge. The building has
attached to it spacious grounds with a garden, which is used for tennis, etc.,
by the Muzaffargarh Club, which was started in the same year.” The Club
was also used by the District Board until the latter built its office. The early
classes of Government Girls College were started in the Club in 1973 too,
and continued till the construction of College’s own building in 1975.
However, with the passage of time, the Club had fallen into neglect and
disrepair, and had practically been abandoned. During 2019, a project of
massive renovation was therefore launched at the completion of which it
would be opened for citizenry with added facilities. The Club would finally
comprise one hall, six rooms, a swimming pool, a jogging track and facilities
for indoor as well as outdoor games such as table tennis, badminton, lawn
tennis, squash etc. Furthermore, it would also start serving food on the
pattern of such clubs existing in other bigger cities of Punjab. It was also
envisaged that the Club would rather go a step ahead and unlike other such
clubs, open its doors to non-members/ordinary citizens and their families
too, on the weekends. The Club was a common asset of all the residents of
Muzaffargarh, and should therefore not be reserved for the privileged classes
alone, believed the District Administration.


Yadgar Club, Muzaffargarh, Punjab

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